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Dive Key West, FL

Dive Charters and dive training

Keys Huka Dive offers reef diving in Key West, FL, with dive charters, snorkel trips, spear-fishing expeditions, dive training, and advanced scuba courses. Visit us for the ultimate reef experience!

Huka Dive Experince


The huka dive is a chance to dive the reef just like a scuba diver, but it doesn't require any scuba certification. You are lead by a dive master down to 20ft  were you get a fish eyes view of the underwater world. You will have a air supplied from a surface float, so you are free to just enjoy the reef.

Dive Charters

2 tank dive trips


The 2 tank dive trip is a chance to get out and dive. We have dive sites for everyone's comfort level. We always have a dive master to guide your dives free of charge. In this way all you have to do is just enjoy the dive.

                                          Snorkel trips

We offer everything from huka dives, snorkel trips, and dive charters


Or snorkel trips are very low key with no more than a max of 6 people on board you will get a chance to just enjoy your reef experience. We provide all the gear needed to snorkel, and snacks and water. You can also bring any food or drinks that you want.

Spear fishing expeditions

The spear and lobster fishing trip is for tank divers and free divers. Weather your an experienced underwater hunter or a beginner we can get you out there getting fish. We have training classes that will teach you the techniques of the under water hunter from aiming to fish ID.

Dive Training and padi certification

We offer everything from open water diver to dive instructor

Open Water Diver

$425 all inclusive

Open water diver is your first course and gets you diving. In this course you will go through the academic portion, pool sessions, and 4 open water dives. This course can be done in as little as 3 days. 

Advanced diver through instructor

Advanced diver through Instructor

We offer advanced scuba courses  through dive Instructor. these course are custom to fit your schedules as with all advanced courses payment plans are available for the courses. All courses are padi dive courses. 

CPR/First aid Certification

CPR/First Aid

This CPR/First aid course is U.S. Coast Guard approved for the captains license. This is an 6 hr course were you will be taught basic life saving techniques including oxygen use. This is very important course, and could help save a life.

Marine Services bottom cleaning, zinc replacement, 


Jerry Williams

Captain and Padi IDC Staff Instructor

Capt. Jerry is known around the keys as the pretty face of scuba. Jerry did his first dive in 1979 with his uncle Gene taking him on a pool dive for his 6th birth day, and that set in motion a love for diving. Jerry got certified in 1986 as a padi junior open water diver. After serving in both the U.S. Army and then the U.S. Coast Guard  Jerry worked as a professional dive instructor in the Caribbean , and all over Florida. He has certified hundreds of divers through the years. Capt.  Jerry takes  great pride in training and running dive trips though the keys  He can always be found helping divers, and boaters alike enjoy the waters of the Florida Keys.  

Mike Scala

Dive Master and Photographer 

Mike moved to Marathon from Naples, Florida 10 years ago. Mike suffered for a few years working at home dept. Before meeting Capt. Jerry and realizing that he wanted to be a dive master. Mike is Keys Huka's leading dive master and spearfishing trainer.  Mike brings years of diving the local waters and his knowledge of spear fishing to our team. Mikes been with Keys Huka since we opened 5 years ago.

Emily Smith

Dive Master

Emily came to Keys huka Dive as an open water diver from Atlanta , GA. She went through the dive master program. After completion of her dive master she took a job teaching school in Atlanta. Like most people who leave the Keys she was drawn back to clear waters and warm climate of the Florida keys. Emily is our goto dive master when have young huka divers on board. Her ability to teach younger divers is by far a great asset to the team. She brings to keys huka dive her passion to protect all living things and making the world a better safer place. We love Emily even though she's a true plant eater (vegetation). 

Become a Dive Master

Dive master program

Have you ever dreamed about working as a professional diver? Living a life style that most people only dream about? 

No matter what your experience level is we can help you make the dream of becoming a padi dive master a reality. If your ready to change your life and start actually living instead of just living than a dive master might just be the right career for you.

Becoming a dive master isn't easy, and not everyone can make it. But for those that do its like no other job out there. Your days are filled with preping divers, loading gear, mating boats, and of course diving. Our program takes about 2 months to complete from start to end and less if you already have some certifications. 

After graduation from the dive master program the job market is wide open. Most dive masters are employed prior to even graduation.  So if wearing board shorts to work and having a flip flop tan lines sound like your type of office give us a call.


Please feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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